Friday, 10 February 2017

Ninth week

Hello everyone!

We went to the classes and the ninth week the groups were doing:

Group 1: They finished with the research of information about the multilingualism; they did the hypothesis and made the questions for the surveys. They’re picking people without any patron.

Group 4: The Wi-Fi wasn’t working, so they can’t continue with their work.

Group 5: They did a survey and wrote the answers on the computer. They’re going to calculate how many people they should ask to obtain enough information.

Group 7: They started the Power Point and the technology teacher will help them building the electric car.

Group 8: They changed their project and now are from the second block.

Group 9: They were trying to look for solutions to stop the Co2 emissions.

Group 10: They were searching what brands have sold more eco-cars and in what place of Spain more eco-cars are sold. They used information of 2015 because it’s the most recent information they’ve found. They were searching for other types of renewable energies to make a car work.

Group 11: In the latest weeks they have met the Land Use Committee Head of the Local Government of SQV. They asked for information and he is starting to send it to them now.

Group 12: They were making the PowerPoint.

Group 13: They were still searching for information about public and private transport.

Group 15: Searching for information about carpooling.

Groups 2, 3, 6 and 14 have started planning the questions for the survey.

See you in our next post!

-A -L

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