Thursday, 23 February 2017

England day 5

Hello, everyone!

Today has been quite an interesting day, since three of us weren't feeling well after eating something that wasn't in good state, yesterday. Daniel and Martí threw up while I was lucky and only got stomach ache.
Despite all, we still went to school and had a different lunch, with something that wouldn't hurt our stomachs.
We skipped one or two periods, the last ones and instead we went to an excursion with the students there (Hayden, Chris, Sophie, Megan, Kelsie and Josh).
We didn't get on a hovercraft, but we did see them. They are a typical type of boat from the isle which can go on water and earth. They have some bags which inflate so that they can float through water. 

After this, we visited a place where they made things with glass and sand (which are the things the Isle of Wight is known for) and bought some more souvenirs. After we ate a little bit of something, we came back to the hotel, not before leaving the SBA students next to their home.

That's it for today.

See you in our next post!


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