Thursday, 23 February 2017

England day 6

Hello, everyone!

Today was a better day than yesterday as we are all feeling much better now. 
We went to school feeling bad about having to leave. We've made some really good friends and know that it will be hard.
After doing the usual lessons and again eating the food from the canteen, we gave each other our phone numbers and Snapchat usernames so that we can keep in touch.
We went directly to the beach, where we had spare time and could shop. The five of us didn't shop as there was a half-hour walk to there. We stayed near the beach and walked around before meeting everyone in a restaurant near the beach. In fact, it was right in front of it. Megan and Libby, as well as Kelsie, couldn't come to the dinner, but the rest did.
We said our last goodbyes and were sad after realizing we'll probably not see them ever again in our life.

That's it for today.

See you in our next post!


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