Friday, 10 February 2017

Tenth week

Hello everyone!

We're going to explain what were the groups doing the tenth week:

Group 1: They corrected the survey, because some questions weren’t exactly how they wanted.

Group 3: The components of the group weren’t there, so they couldn’t keep going with their project.

Group 5: The components of the group were waiting for Dani to send information from Wight Island and searching for the bicycles’ maps that they couldn’t find last time.
Group 7: They were searching for information about how to build an electric car.
Group 8: Some of the components of the group were reading a climate adaptation report about Wight Island to know more about it so they can have more information for their work, and the others were correcting some of the information they had found.

Group 9: One of the components was searching for information about the solar roads that are being inaugurated in France and the other was still with the information about Copenhagen.
Group 10: They searched for helping plans to finance a renewable car and compare if it’s more expensive to charge it for a long period of time or to fill a deposit.

Group 12: They were searching for pros and contras about public and private transport to see which one is the best to use in your daily life.
Group 13: They searched prices about flies in Spain and Europe and were going to start surveys.
Group 14: They were searching for information about how much it pollutes if you go every day by car to school.
Group 15: They were writing the questions for the survey to see if people would do carpooling or not.
Groups 2 and 6 were writing the questions for the surveys.

Groups 4 and 11 started the Power Point.

See you in our next post!


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