Monday, 23 January 2017

England day1

Hello everyone!

As you might have already guessed, I, the one writing, am the member of the group in England. I'm Raquel, but here they call me Rachel, as it's easier to pronounce in English, but first things first.

Yesterday, we met at 9am at the airport of El Prat and at about eleven or eleven thirty, the flight began. We were on that plane for two hours or so and landed at 1pm or 12am here in England. We then had lunch there at the airport and took the train, in which we were for two more hours. This train took us to the port, where we got on the ferry, which -of course- took us to the Isle of Wight. We then walked 400 meters more or less until we met with a woman who took us to our hotel.
We then had dinner and went back to the hotel, hang out the five of us and watched a movie.

A simple but also tiring day.

Today though was very different. We woke up at 7am and met to have breakfast at 7:30. We then got picked up and taken to Sandown Bay Academy, where we met everyone and were shown around. 
The students there have to wear a uniform, but the good thing is that girls can choose whether to wear pants or skirt. We also learned that they are out in classes, like instead of being put together people from the same year, they are put in a way that is like the ones born from the August of a year, until the ones born on July of the next one.
From my point of view, everyone was nice (boys and girls) and I personally felt comfortable with them and connected with some girls called Libby and Megan. We first talked on first term, which was Spanish (a little bit weird, as their Spanish level is more or less like our French level, maybe a little less) and was with them practically all day. 

Also (if I hadn't said that yet), their schedule is way more different than ours, as they start at nine, have tutorial class (which is just to check that they are wearing their uniforms), then two classes, a half-hour brake, a class, lunch break and then two hours more. And we just have a simple one starting at eight, having three hours of class, half-hour brake and then three more hours.

Today we had dinner with the students we met at a pub nearby and right now we (the Spanish students) are in our hotel rooms just hanging out before going to sleep.

See you on our next post!


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