Saturday, 10 June 2017


Hello, everyone!

This is the last post we're going to write, because our project ends next week.
We only have the oral presentation left and we hope our project was interesting and will leave a good mark.
We think that this project was good, even though it was tiring and we haven't had much time to work on it at school.

We won't see you in our next post! :(


Friday, 2 June 2017

The Netherlands. Last day.


On Saturday, we woke up early because we had to take the bus to Amsterdam. It was sad because had to say goodbye to our Dutch and German friends. 

Once there, we walked around the city and we had a lot of fun. We were very tired but we still wanted to see the important places in Amsterdam so we kept on walking. 

In the end, we had to say goodbye also to our Italian friends too.

We finally took the plane to go back home and even we were really tired, we wanted to enjoy the last part of the trip and we didn't fall asleep.

It has been an amazing experience and we have learnt a lot from different cultures! I enjoyed every single minute and if I have in the future another chance to go abroad for some days, I'll join!

See you in our next post!


The Netherlands. Seventh day.


We all woke up around six and seven in the morning. We got ready and we all went by bicycle to school. 

The program were international lessons by Allessandra and Roser, again, we went to the Italian’s teacher class because we couldn’t go to ours. Allessandra’s class was too easy, we already knew most of the stuff, and she was reading all the time from the power point. 

But well, later on we went outside to take a group picture. After that, we went back inside into the building to finish some project work. We had some time to rest and we had lunch. 

At 17:00h the parents came to school, we made the challenge while eating Chinese food for dinner. At around 19:00 we all went to Femke’s house, we had lots of fun! Finally, we all went to our houses to prepare everything for Saturday. 

See you in our next post!


The Netherlands. Sixth day.


On Thursday, we had to be at school at 8:45h to take the bus and go to the Wageningen University. There, we visited the facilities and a scientist that works there, explained us the climate change consequences in water systems. We did a little quiz with the first day groups that Frans made. That was quite interesting.

After that, we went to the NIIO, an eco-friendly building where some scientists work. They explained us some things related to toilet wastes and plants but it was quite boring. We had lunch there and we went back home. All of us (Spanish students) fell asleep in the bus!

In the evening we all did different things but some of us went to Minka’s house and we had a lot of fun!

See you in our next post!


The Netherlands. Fifth day.


Wednesday was a very nice day, at 8:30 we had to be at school so, according to the stereotype, we obviously took our bikes.

When we arrived, two workshops and two international lessons were waiting for us. We were very tired and I have to admit that they didn’t appeal us very much.

The first one was in charge of our Spanish teachers and in groups we had to create an NGO and made a poster to promote it.

In the second one the Dutch, German and Italian students had made some experiments related with climate change and we had to look at them and see what they had done (they were all awesome and I think it was the workshop we liked the most).

In the international lessons, two Italian teachers explained us what the circular economy was, which economical model we have nowadays… Well, I think you can imagine what kind of stuff we talked about…

The long-awaited hour of lunch arrived, you may be thinking of having lunch at half past two and if you think that, you are completely wrong. We had lunch at 11:30!!!

After lunch we could decide between doing sport (football or volleyball) or sing in a karaoke. Half of us decided to do sport (wrong choice because that day, nobody knows why, we had 29 degrees).

It was finally four o’ clock and we went to Floor’s house, a very nice Dutch girl who let us destroy her house trying to cook Italian food (obviously in charge of the Italian students) and Nutella croissants. 

See you in our next post!


The Netherlands. Fourth day.


We got up at seven on the morning to get to school by bicycle at 9:00 am. We first had some workshops related to the main problem known as global warming. 

Later, we had a lecture by skype from the Dutch National Metrological Institute that I found a little boring.

We had an hour more or less to have lunch and rest a little bit since we were really tired. After lunch, everyone could choose between international lessons by Walter or by Marta, but we had to go to Walter’s, since Marta is already our teacher. 

Walter’s international class was pretty boring and we did not like the fact that he was all the time reading from his PowerPoint instead of explaining it with his words, it would have been better if it had been more dynamic. 

Tuesday’s afternoon was very interesting; we went to Zwillbrock, Germany to a biological station. We saw a lot of birds and we learnt a lot about flamingos. 

After that we all went to Marieke’s house, by bike of course, we had dinner, we played games and we had a lot of fun! After that we all went home to rest. 

See you in our next post!


Thirteenth week

Hello, everyone!

This week, we were all answering the surveys. Each class had a document where they could find all the surveys the groups have done, so we dedicated the hour to do that. There were twelve surveys that everyone had to answer, and one survey that only needed to be answered by eight people. 
The problem was the Internet connection, that didn't work well, so not every survey could be responded.

See you in our next post!