Thursday, 23 February 2017

England day 4

Hello everyone!

It's our fourth day here and we are really having fun and making friends. We're going to miss this place.
We went to SBA and also ate at the canteen. It was a really cold day and we were freezing. Being this cold, some girls in the school still wear a skirt!
In English we made a debate about music festivals and drugs. Half of the class had to be pro closing all festivals so that drugs weren't consumed, and the other half (where I was) had to be against it. Not a lot of people participated, but I did and it was pretty fun.
Later today (afternoon) we went to see the beach (this time without the fog) and visited some local stores, where I bought some presents for my family and we all bought some cookies, which were REALLY good. We then had some free time and the five of us spent it together.

Then, we took a taxi and went to the hotel. Later, we went to have dinner in Merrie Gardens. 

See you in our next post!


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