Friday, 2 June 2017

The Netherlands. Seventh day.


We all woke up around six and seven in the morning. We got ready and we all went by bicycle to school. 

The program were international lessons by Allessandra and Roser, again, we went to the Italian’s teacher class because we couldn’t go to ours. Allessandra’s class was too easy, we already knew most of the stuff, and she was reading all the time from the power point. 

But well, later on we went outside to take a group picture. After that, we went back inside into the building to finish some project work. We had some time to rest and we had lunch. 

At 17:00h the parents came to school, we made the challenge while eating Chinese food for dinner. At around 19:00 we all went to Femke’s house, we had lots of fun! Finally, we all went to our houses to prepare everything for Saturday. 

See you in our next post!


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