Friday, 2 June 2017

The Netherlands. Fourth day.


We got up at seven on the morning to get to school by bicycle at 9:00 am. We first had some workshops related to the main problem known as global warming. 

Later, we had a lecture by skype from the Dutch National Metrological Institute that I found a little boring.

We had an hour more or less to have lunch and rest a little bit since we were really tired. After lunch, everyone could choose between international lessons by Walter or by Marta, but we had to go to Walter’s, since Marta is already our teacher. 

Walter’s international class was pretty boring and we did not like the fact that he was all the time reading from his PowerPoint instead of explaining it with his words, it would have been better if it had been more dynamic. 

Tuesday’s afternoon was very interesting; we went to Zwillbrock, Germany to a biological station. We saw a lot of birds and we learnt a lot about flamingos. 

After that we all went to Marieke’s house, by bike of course, we had dinner, we played games and we had a lot of fun! After that we all went home to rest. 

See you in our next post!


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