Monday, 14 November 2016

Second week

Hello, everyone!

We're going to explain to you all how the groups are doing their Research Project:

Group 1: Formed by Araceli Calahorro, Bruno Barneda, Carina Céspedes and Raquel Catalán. They are doing Multilingualism in INS Sant Quirze, and they would look for the information about the different languages and do surveys to know how many people talk different languages here.

Group 2:
Oriol González, Jan Salvat, Isaac Macías and Dario Rosado are in this group. They are doing the project called How we go to school and they have looked for information about different transports and a survey to know how people get to school.

Group 3: Composed by Diego Armario, Àlex Cladellas and Gerard Soler. Their project is How does a Solar Electric car work? and they're thinking about what they are going to do it because they aren't sure yet.
Group 4: With Jordi Farré, Joan Gomà, Marc Montañés and Roger Baraona in it. They're doing How does a Solar Electric car work? and they aren't sure what they're going to do yet.

Group 5: Daniel Jiménez, Sergio Espejo, Gerard García and Aran Jiménez are in it. Their project is Biking in Sabadell: a bicycle sharing system. Business plan. They have been searching for information about different bicycles sharing systems and try to do a business plan here in Sant Quirze.

Group 6: Being part of it Ainhoa Saus, Guillem Peréz and Aina Teva. They're doing How much energy do we waste in one day? but they are still not sure of how they're going to do it.

Group 7: Marc Garcia, Raúl Montero, Daniel Lupo and Xavi Jiménez are in it and the project they are doing Let's build a solar car and they want to design and construct a small solar car.

Group 8: Formed by María Cabello, Sergi Montoya, Alex Navas and Josep Maria Oliva is a group doing Public Transport VS Private Transport and they do surveys to people of different ages in different classes in the school and search information on the internet.

Group 9: Being part in it Jordi Estrada, Eloi Jiménez and David Trujillo. Their project is Energy efficient cities in Denmark: A model for urban planning though they still aren't sure of what they are doing yet.

Group 10: Formed by Guillem Canudas, Adrià Barrés and Pedro Romero (not all of them in the photo). They're working on Eco-cars and they search information on the internet to compare petrol cars to ecologic cars and they'd do surveys to know what do people think about eco-cars.

Group 11: Formed by Blanca Vila, Claudia Fernández, Paula Lorite and Elena Espinilla. They're doing The Rubbish-lorry route and they'd draw the rubbish-lorry route here in St. Quirze and they'd make an alternative route that improves the collection of rubbish.

Group 12: Formed by Judith Raduà, Xavier Jiménez and Jorge Arnedo. They're doing Public Transport vs Private Transport and they don't know what are they going to do yet.

Group 13:
 Francisco Peris, Enric Mateus, Albert Tudela and Carles Vizarroso are in it. They're doing Public Transport vs Private Transport and they plan on looking for some information of the prizes and asking students in our High School how they mostly move.

Group 14: Being part of it Nayeli Ocampos, Aroa Casado, Ana González and Daniela Aguila. Their project is How do you get to school? and they are going to go asking class after class how the students and maybe teacher how they get to school.

Group 15: Marcel Blas, Gonzalo Cantañera, Oscar Canales and Bruno Cortés form it and they're doing Carpooling, the best way to save energy and they plan to analyse the pros and cons of share a car.

See you in our next post! 

-A -L

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